Project idea

The guiding idea was to draw inspiration from unique biotops in Poland. Each region was carefully analyzed to extract materials, color combinations and textures. After the research we created moodboards which became our guidelines in the whole design process

Chapter I

Biebrza Valley

This collection was inspired by the vast swamps in the valley of Biebrza river. After a deep study of what the landscape offers us, we’ve noticed the richness of biodiversity in these area. It’s a place that is not usually associated with a tourist destination. Often inaccessible, which arouses curiosity and makes it very mysterious. By requiring additional effort to reach it, rewards us with the opportunity to experience his unique qualities.

Chapter II

Table Mountains

The uniqueness of Table Mountains, although they are not the highest in Poland, lies in their uncommon form. For centuries, carved by wind and water, they have gain unusual shapes. Rock mushrooms, corridors and caves obtain the rank of natural monuments. They are a testimony to timeless nobility.

Chapter III

Sand Dunes

The constantly changing landscape of dunes brings to mind soft and light forms. Breeze coming from the seaside reminds us of summer and freshness. The planes of sand, minimalist in their form, in relation to the blue sky, evoke peace and provoke reflection. They are a kind of symbol of the ephemeral nature of this place.