58 House

in cooperation with: Maksymilian Sawicki www.inainn.euoffice@inainn.eu

H_G30 House

Architect – Maksymilian Sawicki www.inainn.euoffice@inainn.eu 1st concept    

Outdoor Barbell

Outdoor Barbell is an innovative solution for training with free weights in the public space. The main design goal was to achieve a multifunctional device for amateur and professional training. Through the use of barbell with no guides the user receives almost unlimited freedom of […]


Projekt – Agnieszka Dolska, Wojtek Janicki  

3D Renovation

I’m an enthusiast of vintage mid-century polish furniture and I’m glad to show you few pieces of my 3D furniture renovation. Most of them I had on my own so I could achieve as realistic textures as possible. In some cases I even took a […]